Volume 4 2018

Volume 4 2018 (10)

‘Language Education Studies’ Volume 4, Issue 4 December, 2018 Contents

The Effect of Word Exposure Frequency through Story Reading and Story Listening on Learning Collocations

Sanaeifar, S. H., (2018)


The Role of Age in Language Learning: Children Versus adults, Revisited

Rajabi, P., Koohafkan, M., & Abedi, M. (2018)

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The Effect of Using Social Networks on Developing EFL Learners' Pragmatic Competence through Speaking Accuracy and Fluency

Azad, M., Alipour, M., & Talebi, P. (2018)

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‘Language Education Studies’ Volume 4, Issue 2-3 June-September, 2018 Contents

The Relationship between Advanced EFL Learners' Writing Self-Efficacy Beliefs and Their Writing Performance: A Case of Iranian Students

Mehdizadeh, M., Lak, M., & Modaberi, A. (2018).


Analysis of the Conceptual, Comparative, and Functional Aspects of “Prospect 2” on the Basis of Cisar’s (2000) Checklist

Esfandiari, M. (2018)

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