‘Language Education Studies’ Volume 3, Issue 4 December, 2017 Contents

The Effect of Using Telegram Messenger on Vocabulary Learning of Iranian EFL Learners

Movafagh Ardestani, E. (2017)


The Role of Lexical Chunks in Learning ESP Terms among Iranian Computer Engineering Students

Hashemifardnya, A., Namaziandost, E., & Rahimi, M. (2017)

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‘Language Education Studies’ Volume 3, Issue 3 September, 2017 Contents

On the Viable Link between Reading Attitudes and Self-Efficacy: A Case of Iranian EFL Learners
Najafi Sarem, S., & Sardari, S. (2017)

The Effect of the Diglot Weave Vocabulary Learning Technique on Vocabulary Learning Ability of EFL Intermediate Learners
Bagherzadeh Kasmani, M., & Ebrahimnia Emran, S. (2017)

‘Language Education Studies’ Volume 3, issue 2 June, 2017 Contents

Exploring Factors for Undergraduate Students’ Absenteeism in English Language Classrooms
Niknezhad, F., & Mashhadi Heidar, D. (2017).


Automaticity Level of Language Performance in Iranian English Language Teachers
Hashamdar, M., & Shahhosseini, H. (2017).

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