Volume 3 2017

Volume 3 2017 (8)

‘Language Education Studies’ Volume 3, Issue 3 September, 2017 Contents

On the Viable Link between Reading Attitudes and Self-Efficacy: A Case of Iranian EFL Learners
Najafi Sarem, S., & Sardari, S. (2017)

The Effect of the Diglot Weave Vocabulary Learning Technique on Vocabulary Learning Ability of EFL Intermediate Learners
Bagherzadeh Kasmani, M., & Ebrahimnia Emran, S. (2017)

‘Language Education Studies’ Volume 3, issue 2 June, 2017 Contents

Exploring Factors for Undergraduate Students’ Absenteeism in English Language Classrooms
Niknezhad, F., & Mashhadi Heidar, D. (2017).


Automaticity Level of Language Performance in Iranian English Language Teachers
Hashamdar, M., & Shahhosseini, H. (2017).

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‘Language Education Studies’ Volume 3, issue 1 March, 2017 Contents

The Effect of Using CALL-Based Paragraph Writing Tasks on Iranian Upper-Intermediate EFL Learners’ Writing Skill
Rostami, S., Seidi, A., Najafi Amree, S. F., & Fallahi, H. (2017).