From Motivation to Learn to Motivation to speak

From Motivation to Learn to Motivation to Speak


Motivation is the inner driving force that conduces to action taken in a specific situation. The degree or intensity of this force has a direct impact on a successful fulfillment of the action. While orientation refers to a class of reasons for learning a language, motivation refers to a combination of the learner’s attitudes, desires, and willingness to expend effort in order to learn the second language. This paper first discusses the motivation of the language learners to learn the language as a whole (combination of skills) and then discusses that there is a narrowed down type of motivation which shows the willingness to the language learners to orally express themselves. The authors concluded that this type of narrowed down motivation should be named motivation to speak rather than willingness to communicate. The authors believe that there is a necessity to develop an instrument which technically measures the motivation to speak on the part of the language learners.

Key words: language acquisition, motivation to learn, motivation to speak, orientation


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