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Sunday, 28 May 2017 07:28


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To Authors (Terms and Conditions),

Paper writing and academic contribution is highly appreciated, but there are certain situations which are instances of unethical behavior. Below are the conditions under which authors’ names will appear in the “blacklist” section.

1. Cross-posting is an unethical act and will not be accepted by any academic journal. Authors should make sure that they only send their papers to one journal to be evaluated.

2. Authors cannot send their previously published paper to this journal in any format. If the publishing committee finds that the paper has already been published elsewhere, they will contact the target journal to decide on the paper status.

3. If the reviewer finds the paper having more than 40% similarity index, he/she will return the paper to the author. The author will have to reduce the similarity index up to 20%; otherwise, the paper will be rejected (not blacklisted).

4. After the result of the review has been sent, authors cannot ask to retrieve their papers; failure to do so will result in authors’ names being put into the blacklist. The name of the author (s) and the title will be shown online and the authors will be fined.

5. The amount of the fine the authors have to pay related to any conditions above is constant and authors will be notified about it. After paying the fine, the name(s) will be removed from the blacklist section.


Suspension List:


Author Name:Seyyed Rasool Mirghasempoor Ahmadi, Allameh Mohaddes Nouri University, Noor, Iran

Paper Title: The Impact of Incidental and Intentional L2 Vocabulary Learning on Depths and Breadth Dimensions of Vocabulary Knowledge

Intended Volume: volume 3, issue 2

Blacklisting Reason: Cross-posting the paper to at least 2 journals and publishing it in World Journal of English Language (March 30, 2017) while it was under evaluation in Language Education Studies.

Status: Fined, notification sent to the author